DynamicFreeDNS I.P. Address Updater is a Free dynamic dns update clientFree dynamic dns update client
Dynamic FreeDNS IP Address Update Client



  • Easy to follow instructions and setup on most any server.
  • Sleek, web interface to all your domains and update URLS.
  • Written for use with afraid.org or most other dynamic dns providers.
  • Works with almost any operating system and almost any dynamic dns service provider.
  • Control interface allows for easy adding and removing of domains and update URLs.
  • Uses Php to store all information in a mySQL database - no file editing!
  • Works with almost any scheduler such as Cron.

    Requirements: Php, mySQL, wGet enabled

Dynamic FreeDNS can get the server's WAN i.p. address via your router, or can use an external (included) script to get the server's internet protocol address. It compares this address with the i.p. address stored in the mySQL database, which is the last i.p. address that the server updated to. If they're the same, it's done. If not, it then sends the update URLS and writes a new i.p. address into the database. Included CRON job checks the ip every minute and compares. If no update is necessary, no update is run. If the last ip and current ip do not match then update urls are loaded from the database to update your dynamic i.p. address with afraid.org or other dynamic dns provider.

Domains and their update URLS are added through a Php interface that can be run from a web browser. The interface also allows you to easily see which domains are set to be updated, what their corresponding update URLS are, and lets you configure how the script gathers the i.p. address. Installation requires editing of only one file, setting up a cron job using the included example.

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Download DynamicFreeDNS v 1.2 from Cnet
(in .exe which extracts to .zip)
Download DynamicFreeDNS v 1.2 from SourceForge.net
(.zip format)
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