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Dynamic FreeDNS Dynamic I.P. Address Update Client

Dynamic FreeDNS from Vyoufinder is a dynamic internet protocol address updater which uses the best open source technologies available where appropriate to be reliable, secure, and with all configuration settings being made from within a web browser. Dynamic FreeDNS uses a php based front end for managing domains and their corresponding update URLS which are stored in a mySQL database. This makes it easy to add or remove all update URLS for a domain being added or removed from your webserver. The script only updates if your i.p. address has changed and can use either your router for gathering your i.p. address or can use an (included) script for finding your current i.p. address. This is configurable in the Dynamic FreeDNS control panel, as are all configuration settings. Once installed, anyone can manage domains on your server using this script. Installation is easy using the complete installation instructions.

Requirements: Php, mySQL, Apache with wget enabled, cron or other scheduler (crontab included.)

Download Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script from

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Autoload eCommerce Storefront

Vyoufinder is the primary developer of Autoload, an eBay/PayPal auction management shopping cart based on osCommerce:

Autoload is based on the original osCommerce code and includes the best contributions available along with customizations that make it a very powerful eCommerce shopping cart system. It works on most webservers with Php and mySQL available. It's fully compatible with PayPal and almost amy payment gateway, offers support for managing your eBay auctions through your control panel, works with UPS, USPS real-time shipping quotes. Autoload automatically keeps track of inventory, helps with figuring out your taxes, has an import utility for importing from other shopping carts, and has a lot of other useful features.

Live Examples:
Sold it 4 you

Wynn's Fashions

Download most recent version or upgrades:
Download Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script from
Get it from CNET!

Website Examples: Flash Example

Domain Availability & Whois checker

Works in Progress:
- Google - Youtube

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